Two horticulturists purchased this stately 3-story Central Area home and with it inherited a dilapidated garden with an ancient, decrepit gazebo but with some good hardscape bones.  They wanted some privacy, but not a wall.  They wanted to be able to say hi to their neighbors as they walked by on the sidewalk of a well-traveled neighborhood, but still have enough privacy to entertain outdoors and have a place to read or have a morning cup of coffee. The front of the house was where we put the patio. In the back corner off the alley and the kitchen door we created a small sitting area.  A long paved path was added at the top of the newly tiered side garden and was framed with Italian cypress.  The effect was just as they required: a perfect blend of foliage with subtle hints of color and enough of an evergreen structure to provide the hint of privacy needed during the winter months.