The Artful Garden provides on-going maintenance so you can have an outdoor space that enhances your environment through every season. Regular maintenance by our experienced horticulturists ensures your garden will remain healthy and vital throughout its lifetime. Skilled pruners, soil specialists and the knowledge of what your garden needs throughout the year give you the assurance that your garden will maintain the integrity and beauty of it’s original design.

We pride ourselves in providing a natural and healthy environment that is pesticide and chemical-free and our extensive horticulture training and experience allows us to choose plants well suited to your conditions. We also utilize native plant materials and eco-friendly landscaping techniques to ensure a healthy and flourishing environment that everyone can enjoy.

“Working with Sue and her team is always a pleasure. Their attention to detail in selecting quality plants, beautifully arranging and layering plants in the garden, and maintaining/pruning them expertly make each garden a special and fulfilling experience.”

Tess Schiavone, RA, AIA
Principal, GGN Ltd., Seattle WA